Working Beyond Retiring

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During our working years, we dream of retiring as a time and place where we are free of the humdrum of a 9- 5 gig, not having to rise early, driving, carpooling, or catching buses to work.


Not to mention hustling to be on time to punch that clock or sign that time sheet. The kids are all grown up and gone, leaving us as “Empty Nesters”, I can take big vacations, go where I want to go, buy things I always wanted, and so on. Just the thought gave you a feeling of euphoria.

The reality is; it’s mostly a dream. You might be able to do some of these things, however; In the real world, there are many roadblocks that come in all shapes and sizes. Some you can avoid, but some you must face with determination. One main reality you are likely to encounter is the need to continue to work, either at the same job or a different one. Question is what can I do to supplement my income after retiring?

Don’t limit yourself, “think out of the box”. If you are seeking employment in other places other than the job you left, it’s important to remember , you still have a world of experience and expertise to offer, maybe in a more creative way; for instance, explore self employment using current skills, perhaps a home based business OJT (On-the-job-training), explore opportunities as a private contractor or consultant, either with former employer or other.

Register with temp agencies. Consider retraining for a new type of job. There are also employment agencies that specialize in employment for seniors, persons over 50 or 60. Remain positive and persevere. According to a recent online survey on AARP website, conducted by FreshBooks, in collaboration with a firm named Research Now, Boomers make up a large portion of the self-employed. They tend to be mostly satisfied with freelance work as well, and plan to continue in the workforce in this capacity. The online survey included 2,700 full-time US workers. It was found that 49% were self-employed.