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Too often retirees get caught up in what we call the “Looking Back Syndrome“, “wishing I had handled things differently”, especially when it comes to money issues Beyond Retiring. The best time to plan for Life Beyond Retiring is during your working and productive years prior to retiring. While living Beyond Retiring, retirees may end up having many regrets: I will list a few:

1. Not saving enough money during productive working years

2. Didn’t take advantage of a 401k plan or some other pension plan

3. Failure to plan adequately, for catastrophic illness, or other unforeseen challenging events that might occur

4. Failure to live within financial means

5. Accumulated too much debt, (especially credit cards)

6. Retiring too early when I didn’t need to do so

7. Borrowing from pension plans. Realistic planning for Life Beyond Retiring is essential, in order to avoid the poverty trap.


Realistic planning for life Beyond Retiring is essential, in order to avoid the Poverty trap. Some regrets we have are:

1. Overspending

2. Miscalculating the amount of money needed for emergencies, especially, medical emergencies.

Even with good health insurance, which we kept after retiring; there are still co-pays to consider. Another regret we have is, not following our budget more closely. Fortunately for us, we had put in place certain safety nets that helped us regroup. Lessons learned from these financial missteps will help us avoid pitfalls in the future Beyond Retiring.