Fixed Income and Management

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The prospect of having to live on a fixed income Beyond Retiring can be a daunting one, at best.


Having a Nest Egg could certainly help. Pulling from a Nest Egg could become problematic, especially if you don’t have enough funds for the long term.

How much money will you need Beyond Retiring? Some studies show that you will need approximately 70% to 90% of your pre-retirement annual salary. Retired life will carry many of the same challenges you had during your working years; such as health and/or financial issues. Some retirees will only have Social Security to rely on Beyond Retiring. The above-mentioned issues will require lifestyle changes in order to survive after you retire.

If you are planning to get a second job after retiring to supplement your fixed income, expect stiff competition from the younger generation of potential workers. Even the fast food chains are laying off workers, which in many cases, squeezes the older retired person out; especially in the more upscale jobs. Employers often consider retirees “overqualified”.

The pay scale for retired experienced workers tends to be higher than less experienced individuals. Employers tend to hire persons with less experience, at lower wages.  This is not to say the situation is impossible, and of course, there are exceptions.

Employment after retiring can be very challenging, therefore, Careful planning, and using job placement agencies could enhance your chances of getting a job after you retire. You might have some success in landing a job, that is not directly in your work experience. Self-employment, home-based employment could be options in supplementing your fixed income.


 Pre-planning and Budgeting play a major role in securing your future and determining your quality of life Beyond Retiring


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