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Let’s use driving a vehicle as an example of staying in your lane. Highways and roads are built for drivers to hopefully stay in their own Lanes.

When you lose your focus and veer off into someone else’s lane, what happens? Accidents occur, sometimes fatal. When you lose focus on God, you lose focus of your life and will veer off into another lane, causing disaster for yourself and others.

In spite of all the trials and tribulations my wife Clara and I have been through in life, and to some degree still coping with some issues;  over 50 years of marriage, and raising a family: we have embraced the following values. They have helped us weather many, many storms of life. We have had our share of very good times too.

We have tried to stay focused on God. Sometimes being human, we tend to swerve, but God kept us safe by correcting our mistakes to stay in our own lands. All thanks and Glory to God. We still hold to the values we list below, and yes, we still enjoy our lives in spite of any adversities.

The VALUES we hold dear to our hearts are:

Faith in God/Love for God/Love for Church/Worship – Put in Action

Love yourself/Lovefor Family/Friends/Love for Country-try to make it better

Respect your fellow Man/Woman

Don’t be afraid to show Love and compassion

Stay focused on your Lane and mission in Life

— Be considerate of others

Be a good steward of God’s blessings, spiritual, financial or whatever

Believe in yourself

— Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

Embrace moral values, and good character

Be willing to be in service to others

— Don’t be quick to judge other people

Have a forgiving heart

GOD has blessed us, and HE is still blessing us. We are TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED. These values have, and are still working and keeping us.  They will work for you too. ” KEEP GODFIRST” in your life. –

-Don’t be fearful or ashamed to express your Faith in God Almighty-Shout it and proclaim it from the highest mountaintop to the lowest valley –

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”