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Even the best laid out financial plans can run into some roadblocks. You might Find that your NEST EGG, Your SAFETY NET, is getting thin for whatever reason, and needs replenishing. Hopefully, you saw this coming, however, remember not to panic. Even if you didn’t see the financial downturn coming; there are options to replenish your money. A few ideas you may consider:

1. Refinance your current mortgage (assuming you have one)

2. Investment in real estate, land, rental property, properties to sell,
(single-family homes), in a good neighborhood, (Buy Low-Sell High).

3. Investment in precious metals i.e, (Gold –Silver)

4. Investment in certain types of stocks and bonds if feasible; (get advice from a trusted financial advisor,
who has expertise in this area)

5. Explore the Reverse Mortgage Program, your banker is a good resource for this program. Relative to Real Estate investment: Reverse Mortgages have proven to be beneficial Beyond Retiring for those who qualify.


Willie & Clara Crenshaw