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Financial issues are often the focal point of anyone contemplating retiring.


Too often, Healthy living is overlooked until health begins to fail. If you happen to be relatively healthy when you retire, consider this a blessing. So many people are forced to retire early due to some type of illness.

Everyday jobs can hinder a continuous healthy eating and exercise routine. You can be so caught up in work activities that your overall health is neglected. It takes conscious and determined efforts to maintain a healthy way of living during your working years. Health issues are the most compelling and challenging ones to deal with, outside of financial issues, especially, as we all age.

Living Healthy should start way before you retire, to at least, minimize the effects that disabling conditions might have upon your quality of life, Beyond Retiring. Adopting healthy Living habits, and practices; such as regular exercising, (according to your limitations); eating healthy diets, understanding and TAKING YOUR MEDICATIONS as prescribed; all contribute to
a long and healthy life. It’s most important to keep regular checkups with your primary care doctor.

Many Seniors get frustrated with the medical routine and taking so many types of medications, and stop taking their medications. It’s always advisable to consult your doctor before starting or stopping any medication. Those of us who have medical benefits are indeed fortunate to have access to medical care; many people in the world simply don’t have. Many lives are lost and threatened due to the lack of adequate or any medical care at all.


-Clara and Willie Crenshaw