Issues with Healthcare

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Healthcare is too far from perfect

Problems with health and disability present extreme challenges for persons Beyond Retiring. In many instances, retirees lack adequate long-term healthcare benefits. Employer health plans are often not sufficient to cover all Health costs. Even the major healthcare providers have co-pays that differ from plan to plan.

Health insurance premiums continue to rise, making affordable healthcare out of reach for many. Retirees, in many cases, cannot depend on one source of income to cover essential living expenses and medical care. Often times, this causes the retirees to tap savings they may have, or get jobs Beyond Retiring.

Supplemental Insurance could be an option for Healthcare coverage, assuming you can afford the premiums. Again, an adequate financial plan before Retiring becomes even more important.


Why is Healthcare so Expensive?

We’ve asked ourselves that same question 100 times. And we’ve heard several different answers. The most common is one mentioned is greed. But some said technology -we found that quite interesting in particular. America is obviously known for their technological advances over the rest of the world, hence the exorbitant costs we’ve become accustomed to. That also begs the question of realistic affordability. I found this CBS News video from VICE informative.

What can we do?

Most of our readers know about the nightmare of finding affordable insurance whether you’re unemployed, self-employed, or under an employer’s health-care plan.  For the employed, it’s important to make sure your COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) coverage is right for you. Maintaining its individual coverage is costly so at least make sure you’ve done comparisons. Average individual costs are almost $500 per month.

In our searches, we’d come across multiple “cheap” options but they run the risk of being tricky and may not cover what you really need.

One option could be to buy directly from an insurance company and not rely solely on the ACA (Affordable Care Act). But only if you know exactly what company you wish to deal with. Make sure the company you choose will let you compare plans and offer more detailed information as you need it.

Another option could be to locate an Online Insurance Finder. Let them do the work for you. We would not advise brokers per say because you may come across those who will lead you along and possibly waste your time if they don’t feel there’s much they can do to help. We would’ve liked for them to be more upfront about their abilities to fulfill our needs. Instead, they may leave you waiting and never return your call. An Online Finder like eHealthInsurance may serve as a better option. They’ll ask you a lot of questions but they can offer plans from several companies and possibly options you won’t find in your local searches.

The important thing is to never lose faith. Keep at it, be patient, and you may find a plan that won’t leave you broke and aimless. Ask the right questions and be candid about your financial situation. That’s the only way the right person can help you.





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