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As we age, our bodies cannot endure the abuse it endured when we were younger.


At a younger age, we could get away with certain Unhealthy eating habits, lack of proper exercise, and other unhealthy habits we might have had. Sooner or later, for better or for worse, our past catches up with us. As the Baby Boomers age, our bodies need more nutrients, quality exercise, if not quantity; and activities that will keep us mentally fit as well.

The “Holistic” Approach to Wellness encompass; Spiritual, Physical, and Mental Well-being. All of these factors need to be in sync as much as possible as we age. They are all interconnected.

We must eat healthy, exercise (include recreational activities of various types), and of course, enhance our spirituality as well. If you need more discipline to eat healthily and maintain a viable nutrition-exercise program, there are community programs to help you; the local fitness center is a good choice, perhaps one that is connected to a hospital facility or other healthcare organizations; there are community organizations that cater to Seniors.

Retirees must find ways to stay active, even if they are working Beyond Retiring. Many Seniors and Retirees are finding Yoga, Tai-Chi, and just plain walking is beneficial to good health. Nevertheless, it’s important to stay active within your capabilities. Wellness and longevity, and enjoying your life Beyond Retiring, go together. Look for much more on Health and Wellness in future articles.



-Clara and Willie Crenshaw-