Vacation is important Beyond Retiring

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A lot has been said about the need to have a certain amount of Money-Savings for retirement;

Making financial plans, and other preparatory measures you should take to be financially secure Beyond Retiring. Let’s take time out to talk about finding your COMFORT ZONE: First of all, for us, it was giving thanks and praises to God through our faith. Money isn’t everything; we can all agree; however; it is comforting to be financially secure regardless of our station in Life. The key to reducing Money related stress; is not to worry about it. Take steps to plan your way out of financial distress. Appreciate yourself and your own accomplishments and successes, while also appreciating the hard times as well. They only make you stronger.

Retiring releases you to explore new things, new avenues, new adventures, meet new people, and explore the world.

In spite of certain health issues we faced, we looked forward to Retiring, for a new beginning. Retiring also allowed us time to deal and cope with the health issues we faced, a time to heal; Spiritually, physically, and mentally. Looking forward to Retiring should be a welcomed event; Retiring releases you to explore new things, new avenues, new adventures, meet new people, and explore the world. Beyond Retiring is a time to spend more quality time with the family, (especially the Grandchildren), Church activities, and friends.

Retiring is a time to do some of the things, and visit some of the places you had dreams about. Take time to think about other joys in Life instead of Work. This is not to say that regular job(s) can’t be fulfilling, it’s still Work. In other words, the world Beyond Retiring does not have to be one of dread and fear and Work alone. Welcome the World Beyond Retiring; Expect to Enjoy it. When it’s all said and done; Joy and Peace of mind do not come from material things.

Money, can’t buy love.

Money doesn’t give you true Happiness. We personally know a lot of rich Miserable and Unhappy people. Set aside time for enjoyment. If travel is in your plans, you may want to consider recreation, and short trips near home: Could be local restaurants, local parks, various church functions, Theaters, and so on. There is nothing wrong with visiting the Caribbean or other exotic places if your budget allows it. We planned in advance (Before Retiring), for our Caribbean trips to Jamaica, and other places. We also found that the best time for a vacation is shortly after we Retired.


“Celebrate Your Life, Don’t Die in Winter -Choose Life, Not death”