Caregiving is a labor of love

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Before we get into the topic of Caregiving, let’s first define “Caregiver” according to Webster Dictionary: A person who provides direct care (as for children, elderly people, or the chronically ill). A Caregiver is an advocate for the one for whom they are providing care.


According to a recent article in AARP- Nearly half (48%) of family caregivers are caring for someone who is living in their own homes. An additional 35% are sharing a home with the loved one being for whom they are they are caring. Some are caring for a spouse or partner, some for a parent; all working to help that person stay at home for as long and practical as possible. Your role might involve simply stopping by to check on the loved one, or client, administering injections, handling financial matters, and providing round-the-clock care.

The need is growing at a very fast pace as “Boomers” are aging. According to a recent article in Ameritrade, Caregiving is not just hands-on care: 8% of baby boomers, a parent, on approximately $12,000 a year. A great number of Retirees are getting older and living longer. Many have not saved enough money to last Beyond Retiring, or have no savings at all. This scenario poses a tremendous financial burden on the Retirees and their families.

It is imperative and important that the Caregiver has at his/her disposal; a variety of resources in providing care for their clients/ patients. The Internet has proven to be a valuable resource to tap into finding services and products. This resource, if used properly, can greatly improve the quality of life for the person receiving care.

The List of Internet services includes health supplies & products, medical supplies, dietary products, recreation, religious, financial services, special transportation services, personal care products; to name a few. Caregiving is not for the faint of heart. It is both challenging and rewarding; requiring lots of love, patience, preparation, and in a lot of cases special training. It is a labor of LOVE.

A lot more to come on this most important and timely subject.