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Don’t let the shutdown knock you down. Take everything to God in prayer.

The best things in Life are free. God gives us Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. We often fail to enjoy our blessings, due to some of our own shortcomings, disbeliefs, and disobedience to His Will.

It’ s important to focus more on what is good in life, rather than focuson the so-called bad things in life. Obviously we will have trials and tribulations, but God promised us a Comforter; that is the Holy Spirit.

Whatever your beliefs might be, there is no denying that mankind was not brought into existence by hate. With the turmoil surrounding us every day, it is difficult sometimes to stay focused on the Good. But if you think about it, the Good outweighs the Bad.

First of all, waking up in the morning is a Gift from God. If a Blind person can praise God, why can’t a sighted person praise God? THE SHUTDOWN. The recent government Shut Down is affecting everyone in this country. Some,more than others, due to various reasons.

One main reason; is that some people have financial nest eggs or some other form of financial assistance, to get them through difficult times as these. Regardless of your circumstances, DON’T PANIC, this is a time to stay focused on the thingsthat are important,  namely; God, your own mental and physical health, Your Family and others in your Life.  

Stress is a  silent killer. When one door closes, God opens another door, sometimes more than one. You have to avoid the panic mode, in order to know that God is guiding you, by exercising your Faith. Take what seems to be a negative as an opportunity to create a positive outcome. A chance to change course for a better one; a chance to explore other options you have not even imagined.

God created us to be innovative and creative. In times like these, we have to be creative in many ways, especially in making ends meet when your pay checks stop coming. As the old saying goes, “Trouble doesn’t last always”.

Keep the Faith, this too will pass. The end is near for the SHUTDOWN, be ready for the UPTURN. GOD is always in charge. Be Blessed.